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The Socket Weld Flange is similar to a slip-on flange except it has a bore and a counter bore dimension. The counter bore is slightly lager than the outer diameter of the matching pipe, allowing the pipe to be inserted into the flange similar to a slip-on flange. The diameter of the smaller bore is the same as the inner diameter of the matching pipe.

A restriction is built into the bottom of the bore which sets as a shoulder for the pipe to rest on. This eliminates any restriction in flow when using a socket Weld Flange. Recommended for orifice flanges. These work as substitute for slip-on-flanges in the cases where the diameter of the tube is very small and working pressure is very high. 

Above 600 class can also be forged according to your requirements. + ANSI B16.5/ ASME B16.47 Series A (MSS SP44) u0026amp; Series B (API 605) + Material – ASTM A105, LF2 In addition AHFPL provides: + 100% machined surface as per B16.5 + 100% traceability and material test reports.

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